Need A Mentor To Take You To The Next Level?

Alex Jay is a Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Marketer, Master Salesman and Mentor. Alex Jay started as an ordinary guy who wanted to make it in the world. At 17 he joined a sales company and within just a week had become the top salesman across the country for that company! He used those skills developed and replicated his success in his second company. In this company he broke the company sales record in just one week and found himself smashing his own record three times. Alex wanted to launch his own company but knew he required marketing skills in order to be successful. Working for a marketing company in London, Alex Jay made them over one million pounds in revenue in just one month for the company and learned his marketing skills from his multimillion pound mentor. He took his new found knowledge of marketing and combined it with his sales techniques and made over £100,000 in his first year alone.


He is now offering his vast knowledge and experience to others who want to achieve success. If you are looking for GUARANTEED results then this is the guy to do that for you. With his wealth of knowledge and connections he has been proud to say, he has no clients not achieving profits from his system.

What The Mentor Program Includes:


12 Month Training


For 12 months you are going to have access to the full training kit. You are going to have everything required to make 100k in just 12 months!


Complete Marketing Solution


Alex Jay and his team will provide the exact model that made him successful. He gives you his most powerful sales funnel for you to use. It's simply copy and paste and you will begin to see immediate results from the work created within just hours of it launching. This system has literally created millions of pounds in revenue and you will have the exact copy of the system.


Your own video


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. 50% of people leave a typical website within the first 5 seconds. You need quality video to control traffic and drive them to convert into a sale or a hot lead ready for the close. We create you your very own high quality video to draw in leads and get them ready for the close!


Email Marketing Set Up


If you're not email marketing you're missing a huge amount of customers. 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail marketing message. Stop missing out on customers. We set up your email marketing and help you with your sequencing to ensure you always have customers buying from you daily.


Social Media Set Up


Did you know that every day there are over 1,730,000,000 people on social networks posting, pinning, tweeting, vining and instagraming? Youtube alone has 100 million internet users watching videos daily. You're audience is there, so you need to be. We are going to set up your social media correctly and show you the most effective way to draw leads and sales using our techniques.


Google Adwords Set Up


The Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions each month! People are searching for your product, but they can't find you if you are not there. Our professional team will set up your adwords campaign and draw the customers in today. This will have qualified leads pouring in begging for your product.


Remarketing Set Up


Why lose customers when they leave your site? They were interested but perhaps they got distracted and left? Maybe it wasn't the right time to buy? Well now you can get the customers back and get them to purchase. Yankee Candles saw a 600% increase in conversions at half their usual cost-per-conversion. We will set up the perfect remarketing campaign to get people coming back again to buy from you. You'll never lose customers again!


High Converting Landing Pages


Axway increased ROI over 291% and saved $100,000 per year with custom landing pages & tests for each of their PPC ad groups with dynamically generated keyword-specific content on the pages. You need them created and you need them set up professionally. We will do all of this for you. This will have your leads hot and ready to buy every single time.




You will be given access to the best online course teaching you everything from marketing to sales. You will have access to 45 training videos, webinars, access to others whom have all made well over 100k a year and personal one to one training from Alex Jay himself. This training will teach you how to generate leads and will create a sales tornado getting customers to buy from you again and again!




We give you access to Alex Jay's best selling book on leads and sales. To top it off we also create you your very own information guide to give to clients! We call you, go through everything about your business taking thorough notes and then create an information guide for you!




You will get constant motivation. From the audio, videos, training series, books and network there is a tonne of motivation in the mentor program. We also provide motivation speaking and webinars to keep you in the correct mindset and get your business moving!.


Join Success


What are you willing to do to be successful? Why not join a huge network of people who have all dedicated themselves to be successful. Get full training on how to market yourself, your product/service and close deals! You'll get access to all the members, mentors, full support and much more! Join success today!


"This guy is the real deal. It's not just about marketing or sales it's also psychology. He understands the leads mindsets on every platform and every part of the sales funnel. He really breaks down the importance of approach and how to move someone from a cold lead and turn them into a sizzling hot lead. I've have learned more about sales funnel, lead generation, sales psychology and sales itself than I even knew was possible! Got my first $300 within 2 days of being on board".


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